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1st & 2nd Peter "Reminders of Truth" and Mark "Learn to Serve" and Galatians "The Pure Gospel"

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 The Sportman's Seasons


I am Edgar Pierce, pastor of East Union Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. I have been privileged to pastor six wonderful churches prior to coming to East Union. I spent the first part of my ministry in the hills of East Tennessee. I began my ministry as a bi-vocational pastor at Watauga First Baptist in Watauga, I moved to full time ministry at Midway Baptist and then Cedar Grove Baptist both in the Johnson City, Tennessee area. I  next spent 8 years as Pastor of Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. Next we moved to Arkansas to become Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Pine Bluff. Our next stop was Paris, Arkansas where  I spend almost four years as pastor of First Baptist Church of Paris.

This site is an attempt to share the fruits of my pulpit ministry of over a quarter of a century. Over those years I have written several teaching guides and sermonic commentaries on Bible books as well as related Bible subjects. Some of these are offered here to the body of Christ for His glory. I have kept this site simple so that even those with dial up can benefit. It is not glitzy but hopefully it is the content that will make it valuable. I am attempting to do PDF's of all my teachings and will continue to work of converting the html files to PDF.

In addition you will find links to resources that are in the e-sword format. E-sword is awesome free Bible software found at www.e-sword.net. These links will take you to a page where you can down load the module for e-sword. A link to download E-sword is to the left or see the links page below for a link to the e-sword software program. You will find e-sword version 9 at that site.


             Bible Surveys are chronological works that take you through the Bible chronologically.

Bible Book Studies are book studies on both Old and New Testament books.

Sermon Series are sermon series on different topic.

Music "My Offering of Praise" is ten of my original songs that I wrote and recorded.

          The teaching MP3s on this site are large files and will probably not download with dial-up connection. You will need a high-speed internet to use these.

WALKIN IN THE WORD  is a chronologically survey of the Bible by book. There are 52 STEPS in this survey  available in both in PDF and MP3 format.    

             WAY POINT CHRONICLES is a chronological survey of theOld Testament by story. The WAY POINTS are available in both PDF and MP3 format. There are a total of 69. This series was suspended with my move to East Union. I look forward to completing it someday. 

      All these resources are protected under the copyright laws but feel free to use these in anyway that will bring honor and glory to Christ. I hope they will enhance your personal Bible study. If you are a teacher may God use you and I hope these benefit your work of teaching.

     If I can help in any way to answer a Bible question I would be honored. Please email me at edgar@exposingtheword.com. Check back occasionally to see additions.

(c) 2009 Dr. Edgar Pierce