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1- When the Old House is not Good Enough …Col 3:1-10 PDF MP3
2- Study the Blueprints (the Word) …2 Tim 3:15-17  PDF MP3
3- Choosing a Builder (the Son) … Luke 6:47-49  PDF MP3
4- Talk with the Architect (the Father)… Heb 3:3-4; 11:10  PDF MP3
5- Stay in Contact with the Contractor (the Spirit)… Eph 2:18-22  PDF MP3
6- Getting on the Jobsite… Luke 14:27-30 & Matt 16:21-26  PDF MP3
7- Sticking by the Plan… 1 Cor 10:12-15  PDF MP3
8- When Change is Necessary… 2 Sam 12:1-10; Ps 51:1-4  PDF MP3
9- Getting Fresh Water in our House …Genesis 26:17-22  PDF MP3
10- It’s Time to Get the Keys... John 10:10  PDF MP3
11- Living in the House….Luke 19:12-13  PDF MP3
12- Deciding to Become a Master Craftsman …Heb 5:12-13  PDF MP3

Outline PDF

Entire Series PDF

NOTE: Some of the Audio is not of great quaility due to recording problems. For this I apologize. I hope the content makes up for it.


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